New stories close to home.

Roadtrips are more than fun for a day. They mean great stories and lasting memories. You’ll find a world of adventure—and some surprising stories—just down the road in Greenwood, SC. In Uptown shops or out on the water, hitting the links or hearing the music, Greenwood has the tastes, sights, sounds and experiences that make a road trip worth remembering.


Road Trip Itineraries

Greenwood has stories to tell—about green golf courses and blue Lake Greenwood, about history and music, about unique shops and locally owned restaurants. Greenwood is waiting. Get Ready to Ride.

Golfing Gourmets

Augusta to Greenwood

Outdoors to Uptown

Columbia to Greenwood

Shores & Shops

Greenville to Greenwood

History Hoppers

Newberry to Greenwood

Relax & Recharge

Spartanburg to Greenwood

Treasure Hunting

Athens to Greenwood

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